This research elaborates on the question whether and how Starbucks can use the Unicorn trend in order to get more publicity. ¬†Due to the increasing online popularity of the Unicorn on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. After the launch of the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino these social media platforms slightly exploded, in […]

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The data from the netnography research has been exported into three documents. This is due to the fact that we used the trial version of ATLAS.ti, and when trying to merge all datasets into one, it gave us the notion that it was not possible in the trial version to have more then 100 quotations […]

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Our research topic, the unicorn trend, came from the current fascination generation Z( the millennials) have with the mythical creature, as seen on social media. The trend was especially noticeable with big companies like Starbucks releasing unicorn related products. We wanted to know why this centuries old creature saw such a prominent rise in popularity […]

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In order to find adequate online communities to collect data from, we developed a list of search terms. Using these search terms would ensure that we find communities that directly address our trend and our research question. We developed a mind map in order to show our search progress, from broad to specific searches. Since […]

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Research Proposal

It is sparkling, magical, contains bright colours and everything that is soft and fluffy. Yes, you are reading this correct we are talking about a Unicorn and everything related to this magical and mythical creature. But where does this magical creature come from and why are we all so crazy about the Unicorn. Google Trends […]

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Data Scraping and Data visualisation

As described in the research proposal we will be using two data collecting tools, Netlytic and Gephi. Netlytic is a community-supported text and social networks analyzer that automatically summarizes and discovers social networks, drawn from conversations on social media sites. (Netlytic) These conversations that take place on social media sites can be discover by gathering […]

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