Data Scraping and Data visualisation

As described in the research proposal we will be using two data collecting tools, Netlytic and Gephi. Netlytic is a community-supported text and social networks analyzer that automatically summarizes and discovers social networks, drawn from conversations on social media sites. (Netlytic) These conversations that take place on social media sites can be discover by gathering data linked to so-called hashtags. Hashtags are keywords or phrases preceded by the hash symbol (#) that people include in their social media posts in order to make content more accessible to people with similar interests. For example, if someone searches the hashtag #unicorn on the social media site Instagram, all posts including #unicorn will appear. (Pang, 2013) Netlytic will gather data surrounding a specific hashtag; therefor we have decided to select five different hashtags on three different social media platforms to discover social networks linked to the unicorn trend.

After doing superficial research on often used hashtags regarding the unicorn trend as well as the organization Starbucks, the following hashtags have been chosen to conduct research on.


Social media site Hashtag
Facebook #Unicornfood
Twitter #Unicorn
Instagram #Unicorn

When Netlytic has collected all data, the information will be entered into the program Gephi. Gephi is an open-source software to visualize and analyze large network graphs. (Gephi) The information provided by Gephi will create insight in the relations between people or/and communities that communicate about the selected hashtag and how these relations are shifting.

Facebook Results

Analysis Facebook Gephi results #Unicornfood, #Starbucksfrappuccino, #Unicorn and #Starbucks.
For the Gephi analysis regarding the #unicorn trend in the VS we have conducted multiple netlytic data researches in order to get the best view on the influence of the trend on Facebook and who is talking about the trend.
In the image below you can see the visuals of the results which have been visualized by using Gephi.

If we look at the centre of the results we can see that almost everything in this part of the result is linked with each other. They are linked through different smaller nods within the different coloured sections. Taking a look at the numbers involved in this analysis of Facebook regarding the Unicorn trend we can see that there are 430 different persons involved within this part of the Facebook research. Of whom some are linked to multiple parts of the network and who are influencing multiple others.
What also can be seen within the Gephi results is that there are allot of different separate “communities” who talk about the trend but are not related to the bigger “trend leaders”.

This is an example of how there has been a change in the mind-set of the consumer. They moved from putting their trust in governments, to advertising and marketers and now into each other via social media. This in combination with the rise and the rise in popularity of social media has resulted in the movement of this trend, says Fern Potter (a global digital partner of a digital and media solutions company). (Al Jazeera , 2017)

The full pdf file of this analysis can be download here

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 17.36.22.png
Gephi results of the Facebook Analysis. (#Unicorn, #Unicornfrappuccino, #Starbucks, #Unicornfood)


Twitter results


In April 2017 Starbucks launched a new product on the US market named the Unicorn Frappuccino. The Unicorn Frappuccino is a limited edition blue-and-pink version of the existing Frappuccino coffee drink. (Khaleeli, 2017)

As can be seen in the Gephi outcome below, there are six communities that have mentioned #Unicornfrappuccino on Twitter. Since the source of the Unicorn Frappuccino is Starbucks, the hashtag #Unicornfrappuccino is mostly linked to the Starbucks twitter account. However, the company in this case is not the influencer that influences the community via Twitter, because almost all purple arrows are pointed towards the Starbucks account, which means that the majority of the hashtag users refer to the organization when posting the hashtag. The second largest community, representing the green circles in the graph exists out of several influential accounts that cause two-way communication within the community. Examples of these influential accounts are:

Account Tweets Following Followers Likes
KimKardashian 23.4K 106 53.4M 5
KanyeOfficial 345 1 105K 140

According to the data in Netlytic, the Hashtag #Unicornfrappuccino is mentioned 234 times and had 391 connections to other accounts.


Gephi results of the Twitter Analysis on #unicornfrappuccino


The figure below is a print screen of the results from Gephi regarding the hashtag #Unicorn on the social media site Twitter. As can be seen in the figure below, there are five colored area’s including a much larger circle in the center. Every circle in the graph represents a Twitter account, where after the size of the circle the popularity of the account visualizes. So, the larger the circle, the more attention the account has. The different colors in the graph stand for relationships between the different accounts, in this case there are five main communities who are mentioning the keyword #Unicorn on Twitter. The top three most influential accounts in this research are the following:

Account Tweets Following Followers Likes
pennywisemama 34.8K 51.7K 73.4K 731
Mikequindazzl 21.3K 4,878 35K 33.1K


491K 17.5K 23.8K 524

Even though Gephi shows that there are indeed different communities that have mentioned #Unicorn in their posts, there are barely any connections between these accounts, which can be concluded by the lack of lines between the circles. Often when influential accounts mention a certain topic, reactions between the community and sender appear, what in this case did not occur. According to the data in Netlytic, the Hashtag #Unicorn is mentioned 234 times and had 391 connections to other accounts.

Twitter Results Gephi #Unicorn
Gephi results of the Twitter analysis on #Unicorn


Instagram results


Compared to the Gephi outcomes on Twitter, the hashtag #Unicorn on Instragram drawn much more attention to it. Although the hashtag has gotten much attention, it did not create extensive communities. As can be seen in the Gephi graph below, some influential accounts did receive attention on their posts or caused some sort of two-way communication about the topic but considering the large amount of independent posts, these influencers have not much power on the overall unicorn trend on Instagram.

According to the data in Netlytic, the Hashtag #Unicorn is mentioned 234 times and had 391 connections to other accounts.

Instagram Results Gephi #Unicorn
Gephi results of the Instagram analysis on #Unicorn

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